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World Journal of Pharmaceutical
and Medical Research

An International Peer Reviewed Journal for Pharmaceutical and Medical Research and Technology
An Official Publication of Society for Advance Healthcare Research (Reg. No. : 01/01/01/31674/16)
ISSN 2455-3301

ICV : 78.6



Dr. Raviraj Singh* and Dr. Abhay Ahirwar


The medical system of India acquired great prosperity due to the enormous contribution of ayurveda towards the medical field. The tradition system of Indian medicine; ayurveda practicing in India anciently and now it also has gained global attention. The Samhita Siddhant is one of the important aspect of ayurveda which described various principles and theories related to the pathogenesis and treatment of various diseases. Ayurveda describe concept of Panchmahabhuta, tridoshas, Sapta Dhatus and srotas. These all principles play vital role towards the understanding and management of disease condition. Ayurveda also described concept of prakriti which says that every individual having different constitution (prakriti) thus disease manifesting as a unique entity specific to person. Therefore treatment approaches may differ person to person even for same diseases. Prakriti resembles constitution of the body depending upon predominance of doshas. The predominance of dosha resulted different types of prakriti of every individual like; vatha prakriti, pitta prakriti, kapha prakriti, vatha-pitta prakriti, vatha-kapha prakriti, kpitta-kapha prakriti and sama prakriti. Ayurveda suggested that the causes and treatment of disease may be understood by taking consideration of concept of prakriti. These all basic principles play vital role towards the management of diseases. The ayurveda samhita utilizes these basic principles not only for treatment purpose but also for prevention of disease. This article summarizes various samhita principles towards the management of diseases.

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