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World Journal of Pharmaceutical
and Medical Research

An International Peer Reviewed Journal for Pharmaceutical and Medical Research and Technology
An Official Publication of Society for Advance Healthcare Research (Reg. No. : 01/01/01/31674/16)
ISSN 2455-3301

ICV : 78.6



Sinchu Yesudanam*, Soumya SP, Anusree S., Dr. William Arputha Sundar AS and Sam Jeeva Kumar E.


Controlled drug delivery systems have acquired a center stage in the arena of pharmaceutical R&D business. Such systems offer temporal or spatial control over the release of drug and grant a new lease on life to a drug molecule in terms of patentability. Controlled drug delivery systems release the drug with constant or variable rates. However, there are certain conditions for which such a release pattern is not suitable. These conditions demand release of drug after a lag time. In other words, it is required that the drug should not be released at all during the initial phase of dosage form administration. Such a release pattern is known as pulsatile release. There are certain conditions which demands such systems they include; many body functions that follow circadian rhythm. A number of hormones like rennin etc shows daily fluctuations in the blood stream. Then the same is observed in certain diseases like the bronchial asthma, ulcer , etc display time dependence. This system is also preferable for the drug which produces biological tolerance and the drugs which undergo extensive first pass metabolism. All these conditions demand for a time programmed therapeutic scheme releasing the right amount of drug at the right time. This requirement is fulfilled by pulsatile drug delivery system only. Thus such systems is characterized by a lag time that is an interval of no drug release followed by rapid drug release.

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