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World Journal of Pharmaceutical
and Medical Research

An International Peer Reviewed Journal for Pharmaceutical and Medical Research and Technology
An Official Publication of Society for Advance Healthcare Research (Reg. No. : 01/01/01/31674/16)
ISSN 2455-3301

ICV : 78.6



Dr. Pragati Y. Chougule* and Dr. Sujata P. Jadhav


Strotas are innumerable channels which supply the nutrients to various tissues of the body. Raktavaha strotas are channels carrying rakta dhatu. Rakta dhatu is the second dhatu and its main function is jeevanam. The mulasthan or root of raktavaha strotas are yakrut and pleeha. Raktavaha strotas gets vitiated due to factors like excess intake of food and drinks which are spicy, oily, irritant; excess intake of toxic substances like alcohol, tobacco; excess exposure to sunlight and fire; virudha aahar; divaswaap; atikrodha etc. These kind of lifestyle choices practised nowadays are key contributors in development of raktavaha strotodushti and lead to progression of diseases. Management of diseases caused due to vitiation of raktavaha strotas is explained in vidhi shonitiya adhyaya of charak sutrasthan. The management includes treatment on line of management of raktapitta, virechan, upavaas, raktamokshan. Drugs acting as raktashodhak, raktaprasadak are used. Owing to the depth of raktavaha strotodushti and the factors causing it, there is need to emphasize on prevention and management of raktavaha strotodushti.

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